Thursday, January 22, 2009

Active, Aren't We?

Both Dave and I got home a bit late tonight, so we were definitely missing the kids! Soon as I pulled into the garage, I could hear Bag clearly and loudly meowing on the other side of the garage door. He was helpful as I unloaded the truck (as always).

As I walked into the hallway, there was Noodle by the kitchen. Like yesterday, she came out from wherever she was, so I hope she continues to not be afraid when we come home. She was hesitant, though, when Dave came home, but didn't go running far. I guess he is a far bigger human being to her.

She has been active for most of tonight. There were times where it appeared she was about to nap but you can't keep an active Noodle down! She pooped at 830 - what a normal time for once!

Bag ate his dinner and napped a bit, and although he wasn't as active as her, they nevertheless hunted and wrestled with each other. They are so darling, both together and as individual kitties, that I just want to gobble them up! I believe they get cuter each day - is that possible?

She is showing signs that she clearly does not like to be cradled like a baby. I don't know why but it might have to do with her past life. At any rate, we don't want to startle, annoy or hurt her, so we will definitely listen to her!

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