Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So Cute and Needy!

Tonight Noodle spent a good portion sleeping in her lower cat condo while Bag roamed around for food. I swear, he acts as if he doesn't have two food bowls freshly available in the house and gets wet breakfast and dinner every day (whereas his poor, lil, ol sis eats the same-oh-same-oh). He finally settled down to a nap in the closet.

Then around 830, Noodle awoke and slowly came down the ramp, looked at us, and thought that we weren't such bad people. So she came over to the couch, climbed up the stairs, and sat with us for about an hour! Amazing! She napped on my lap with me holding her, thus ending my net-surfing for the evening.

They are now awake but not fully alert, I don't think. It may take them some time to really get energetic and stir things up, again ... right when we are headed to bed!

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