Friday, January 23, 2009


So glad it's Friday, which means it's the last work day before two full days with the babies again. They did their usual thing last night - messing around in the litterbox near midnight and goofing off in the living room, I'm sure.

I woke up to the sounds of Noodle eating, and then it was Bag's turn to get his breakfast. They wrestled and as I prepared for the day, she sat on the window sill in the bedroom as Bag monitored.

I was very anxious to see them (it was a full day again). There was Bag, meowing when I opened the garage, sitting curled up in the hallway. I called out for Noodle as I put my things down but she didn't respond or come out - that was because she was in her second condo atop the cat tree! That was so cute; I'm proud of her. How she came down, I don't know since she did that when my back was turned.

They were both very energetic - probably glad to have someone home to refill their food bowls. They wrestled all over the house, jumping on each other and rolling around. There was one time when they wrestled for at least two full minutes - the longest I had seen! They were really going at each other.

Bag later got his dinner and surprise surprise, a bath from Daddy! Noodle was on the other side of the bathroom door meowing (very cute!), so I let her in. I held her up to see what the fuss was all about and Dave even held her in the bath. She squirmed and kicked a bit and was glad to have been out of there. She was just slightly damp and although I had cracked the bathroom door to let her out, she hung around, now more curious about the smell of the shampoo than Bag's dire situation.

Bag didn't care for the bath, so he gave himself a cat bath while Noodle supervised. The bath doesn't hurt, especially since it'd been awhile. Plus, it was a good time to clean his butt.

Speaking of butt, they both peed today, and at the very least, Bag pooped. I think she did, too but I wouldn't be surprised if all the poop belonged to Bag. I hate missing her poop moment - it messes up my spreadsheet and I can't pinpoint a time!

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