Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve!

Well so far, New Year's Eve has brought alot of joy and it's only 946am! First off, Bag slept with us in the bedroom atop his cabinet (when he's usually been sleeping in the living room) last night and then crawled into bed with us this morning. Noodle was again all curled up on her pillow when we awoke but she had been playing in the living room almost until 3 this morning.

They wrestled a bit, then Noodle then Bag pee'd. They settled down back in bed, Bag napping and twitching and Noodle either on the window sill or in bed with us. At times she would help me with the laptop by sitting on the lap tray. She just came over to sit on my chest and get some scratches in. Now, they are wrestling.

They'll need to continue finding ways to occupy themselves as I try to get some work done. Hopefully Noodle won't poop when I'm on my call later.

Well, it's now 12pm and Noodle has been helpful since I finished this blog. Both she and Bag are now into digging into the trash can in the bathroom. It's actually more her than Bag. She does play with q-tips which she hunted down but only when I throw them at her. After that, she's bored with them.

Bag decided he had too much activity this morning so he settled into his spot in the closet. She was still active, so we played for some time.

I got on my work call at 11am and THEN she decides that now was a good time to poop. Thanks, Noodle! So I got off the phone and she must have pooped because I wasn't waiting out front of the litterbox for very long. She saw me mess with the wet wipes and quickly climbed up on the shelf. I started to check out the litterbox at which time she thought she could make her escape. Well, not if Momma can help it. I petted her and checked her butt, and there was some slight liquid-y residual but she cleaned up well. Of course, my first thought was, oh no - runny poop again! But her poop was hard and fell in the litterbox.

She continued to play a little and I petted her again but had to resume my call. She got tired of waiting and when I was done just before 12, I found her in the closet with her brother sleeping. That's just as well, since I have to leave soon for a meeting.

This will be one of the best New Year's with these two most-darling babies. I love them more each day but at the same time, shake my head at their antics. Kids!

I've since returned and there hasn't been much development. They both were still sleeping in the closet though Noodle seemed a little more awake than Bag. But not enough to come out and play.

Their toys still have not arrived and now the delivery date has been changed AGAIN to tomorrow. This will teach me not to fall for the "free shipping" gimmick. But in lieu of the toys to arrive, Dave created a tunnel for them to crawl through with a cardboard box and duct tape. They played with it a little but Noodle primarily ran around it, recognizing that we were taunting her from outside the tunnel.

She remained energetic all night. Turns out that Bag slept with us but Noodle was atop the black couch looking out the window all night and into the morning. What's up with that?

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