Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just Another Day for Noodle

It was a simple day today for Noodle. She spent the morning with us and playing with her bro, then settled into the closet. I'm still trying to encourage her to hang out in the hallway closet but I guess it isn't as cozy as the bedroom closet. She and her bro tag teamed on the peeing and pooping this morning (such good babies) so I wasn't too concerned that she was in the closet all afternoon - it's good when she does her potty thing at night and in the morning because then we know she's good to go (or so we hope).

We did get them an electronic toy but she was not having any of it. The movements made her extremely scared so now we know to get her only toys that SHE can control. Bag played with it a bit but didn't seemed too amused.

She reminds us of a vampire - sleepy and hidden in the dark during the day but active at night. Seeing as how it's now the evening, we expect her to come out soon. She has also the sharp teeth - we have the marks on our arms to prove it.

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