Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve with the Kids!

Today is Noodle's first Christmas Eve with us! It's barely noon and she has had quite the adventures. She must have gathered strength from her sleep last night because all morning, she's been romping around with her milk ring, wrestling with her brother, and watching (and sometimes "hunting") the snow from the bedroom window.

She did start off her morning with a pee, poop, and butt wipe, only to hang out in bed and help me on my laptop later. It really is very darling to watch her in all of her antics, freaking out when the milk ring falls on her head, and even simply enjoying her mellowing out to the snow. A couple of times I'd see her struggle to get up on the bed without the use of her stairs - she knows where they are, but true to the nature of this family, she was exhibiting her stubborn trait.

I am afraid to move, for fear that she will retreat into the bedroom closet, which has been opened for her all morning but which has been occupied by her brother. She's calmed down a bit now, watching the snow from the bed, but it's only a matter of time until she gets all riled up again. I'm sure there will be more antics to come.

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