Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Snow for Noodle

Today was supposed to have been the big snow day. Well, we never got any (so far) in Redmond. But as it turned out, I worked from home anyway because of a meeting in the area. That was nice, since I got to monitor them both while getting some work done.

She had not pooped before bed last night but did this morning around 730, along with her brother a few minutes earlier. Yes, they can be a team when they want to be. Speaking of last night, she again slept with us and again tried to give me a facial. I had to turn her down since I can see this going on for the next 14 years!

The three of us hung out in the morning but she ended up under the couch when I had to leave. She emerged immediately when I returned and greeted her. At the very least, I hope she begins to recognize us and emerge on her own soon after our return home. I brought home a couple of cat pads thinking that might encourage them to hang out with us on the couch or in the living room but they were both more intrigued with the box the pads came in. Isn't that usually the case?

She's back in the closet, at least she's more accessible that way. Bag is sitting on the pad here on the couch, after some encouragement. Hopefully she'll come out to play when Daddy gets home.

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