Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Noodle's plan?

Well, Noodle seems to be settling into a routine, at least for the past 2 days. She poops in the early hours of the morning (when we're sleeping, of course) which means butt wipes when we're half-asleep. But then she goes back to sleeping with us.

In the mornings, she no longer poops for me before I go to work. Bummer! I wanted to go to work knowing she has a blank slate for the day. She does go sometime during the day, tho. Then she retreats to her space under the couch. In the evening, she comes out for some food, to be curious and perhaps to be social (?), and romps with her brother for a few rounds.

Then she settles down in bed, where we join her. We tried to get Bag to join us but he was more interested in his day bed. They both seem content where they are, so certainly we dare not disturb these two in their king/queendom.

She has been doing well with her poopie, even pooping on her own today when we weren't around. I think she's bored with her food but she doesn't have that much more to go on her caviar. We've also been sprinkling in the Evo to move over once the caviar is done. I, of course, just want to keep feeding her whatever she wants - such a cute little face, it's hard to resist but once the soft poop comes out ... well, that'll make me pay!

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