Sunday, December 14, 2008

a drop of Noodle

Yesterday (after our last blog) Noodle was playing with Bag in the bedroom per their usual morning routine and as I was brushing my teeth, Dave comes in with Noodle in his arms and a dry poop to dispose of. Apparently she had dropped one just a few seconds earlier. We don't know why because she wasn't headed to the litterbox at all. Dave put her in there but she didn't go. So of course now, I'm always looking for a trail of dropped poop (even more than normal).

Other than that, she went on her usual routine - playing, resting, eating, and eventually finding her way back to the closet. We brought her out at 6, hoping she'd poop again before we headed out for the evening. She didn't but retreated to under the couch.

When we returned home last night, there was only pee in the litterbox and it was quiet. As it was late, they joined us in bed and same routine with Noodle - she slept on my pillows so I had to sleep around her. It was just close to 5 that she went to the litterbox and did a small but hard poop. She and Bag played afterwards and in fact, she hung out with us for a good portion of the morning.

She's been in the closet since this afternoon, but did come out for another poop. I think this was to complete her first poop this morning. I was fortunate to witness this one. Bag apparently had to go too so here she is pooping and here he is peeing. What a team.

They've been crashed out later this afternoon, surely to gather strength for tonight's round of cat and mouse. We can't wait!

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