Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day!

Per usual, Noodle slept with us pretty much all last night, and then pee'd (and I think poopy, too) before Dave went to work. So they were both awake and romping around very early this morning when I was still sleepy. I guess that's what happens when I wake up at 4 in the morning.

I got to spend today with both babies because of the snow. Our area got 9" and we're supposed to get more this weekend. They slept later this morning while I was on a conference call, but then the three of us played together in the afternoon. I didn't know that I could play with a feather boa for one hour - amazing. I swear, I think most of the time, they are just wondering how long they can get me to entertain THEM?

Well, whatever they were thinking, they are really cute, so they pretty much get away with everything.

They weren't too much into the snow. Bag went out on the deck a couple of times to check it out and also sat on the couch looking out the window. But Noodle would look at it fall from far away, as if she was afraid.

She still startles easily so we hope in time she'll calm down and recognize most of the noises, like the neighbors or us coming home.

After too much playing, she scooted into the closet to nap but Dave decided she needed to be social so here she is in his arms, napping and getting petted in the living room. What a life, while her brother sleeps above the filing cabinet (he was atop the kitchen cabinet the other night).

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