Friday, December 12, 2008

the Noodle we know?

Seems that the Noodle we know is making a comeback after yesterday's flurry of activities. She finally came out from hiding (under the couch) last night around 9-ish. She pee'd around 11 or so then off and on slept in bed with us. I did get another facial from her sometime in the wee hours of the morning, and she and her bro went at each other again.

Our new mattress is now much thicker than our old one, so we were concerned that the stairs would be too short for her. I didn't see her but at one point, I turned around and there she was. And earlier this morning, we saw her use the stairs, although she's figured out that jumping off the bed from anywhere was faster. She also jumps onto her brother, we think.

Early this morning, she had a successful (hard) poopy! Yeah! But we still need to monitor just to make sure she is getting whatever it is, out of her system. She hung out on the window a bit and then joined the rest of us in bed. I don't think she likes being left alone in bed because once we were up and moving, she scrambled to the laundry room then headed for under the couch, where she remains.

I've been trying to coax her out with her blue ball toy but I think she has figured out a way to watch the game without exerting energy by making Momma play it!

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