Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another Day in the Noodle Life

It'll be odd to go back to work, after having spent so much time with Noodle. I'll be home the rest of the week and my one goal is to encourage her to hang out in the hallway closet versus the bedroom closet. I don't think I'll meet my goal. She is pretty set on it. She spent most of this afternoon in there, even though she stayed and hung out in the living room, but only if I retrieved her. At one point though, she and I crawled out to the living room ... at cat eye level.

The good thing is that she is knows when we're sleeping and joins us. Last night, she and her brother were playing - after she pooped and peed for Dave - but when I awoke, there was she, on her pillow. She spent a few minutes on the bedroom window looking out at the snow - good girl, but that's probably the most contact she's going to have with snow.

I think she did a quick poop this morning, probably hoping to miss the butt wiping, but got one anyway. Her brother peed too ... at least the cleanup afterwards is all done in one swoop.

Bag has been sleeping on the couch ALL morning ... I don't know how they do it. She saw him but left him alone while chasing my bathrobe strap. She tired of that, and is back in the closet. We'll see what tonite brings when their Daddy gets home.

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