Thursday, December 11, 2008

too much excitement!

In addition to the soft poop this morning, Noodle got her first visit from the mattress delivery guys. She decided not to have anything to do with them so she hid in her usual under-the-couch spot. I think she was still traumatized by the bath and this visit by strangers was too soon.

She calmed down a bit when Dave visited with her, but still scurried under.

She got another visitor, Nancy, who was much calmer for her. Although she did not care for the sound of the groomer, she did well with the hair clippings around her butt. But that's probably enough grooming for her for awhile.

I think today is a going to be a hide-out kind of day, which is fine since she has had alot of activity in such a short amount of time. Hopefully she'll remember that life from under the couch isn't so bad, especially now that she has a fluffier bed to play in.

I forgot to mention that she now has figured out how to get up on the windowsill in the bedroom. She learned that she can get up and down from there using her cat condo. It was such a great surprise because I had thought the windowsill was too slippery for her. But yesterday I went to check on her one more time and there she was! I need to get that photo uploaded.

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