Monday, December 29, 2008

Noodle's surprise

No, the surprise wasn't that she pooped a clean, hard poop that fell nicely and perfectly into the litterbox today. If only ... ! Rather, she hasn't pooped since her runny poop incident yesterday afternoon.

Her surprise - twice now - is that she somehow clawed her way to the top of both futon couches and hung out there! She had never shown interest in the couches really, especially the black one against the window. Then last night Dave went out to check on her and there she was, sitting atop the main futon, next to the Hello Kitty doll.

And then this morning when I was trying to get things done at the house, she ran to the black futon, climbed up the stairs with no problems, sniffed her way around another Hello Kitty doll, and clawed her way through the gray throw to make it up to the top! And this time, she chose the couch with the view - good girl! I cracked the blinds open and there she sat. It was extremely darling.

Unfortunately I had to leave for work and couldn't spend time with her and her brother, who was lying in his gray (too-small-for-him) bed (see photo). I don't know how long she stayed up there - I can't imagine too long because I'm sure the garage door opening and closing and the truck starting up startled her. They always do.

All day I was nervous to come home to find trails of runny poop all over the house. But no, for better or worse, all she did while we were gone was pee. She was napping in the closet when I returned and she's been in and out of the closet, playing and chasing everything she can find. In fact, now she is interested in hanging out in the hallway closet, after we had given up on that mission.

Sometimes she'll come up to you if you sit on the floor at her eye level and coax her over. It's really very darling. She seems to hunt you then all she wants is scratches. She did that several times tonight.

The night is still young for them (it's 830) so we don't know what other surprises are in store. But for now, we know they are both resting to re-energize themselves.

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