Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to Normal Noodle?

So yesterday Noodle didn't poop at all. We tracked her poop on the spreadsheet but we didn't hear her all night. In fact, she wasn't in bed when we fell asleep but she sure was there when we awoke this morning.

Again I waited for as long as I could but by 730 she had not pee'd or pooped but I had to leave for work. I set up their closet and played with them a little, even flipping up the blinds. She was hanging out on the bedroom windowsill and Bag had just finished his breakfast when I left.

Dave came home at lunch time to check on them and lo and behold, there was poop in the litterbox! It was apparently hers (he is now trained to identify their poop and pee - he is talented!). He checked the house and her butt for residuals but couldn't find any - what a good girl! I wish one of us had been home to witness this but at the same time, it was good to know that she is capable of having a clean, hard poop without the nosy parents around.

And the other great thing was she was on the bed when he arrived. She has always been either under the couch or in the closet, so for her to be sitting in bed while he entered the garage and the house is a big deal - good girl!

I came home this mid-afternoon and they were both in the closet. I petted Bag first but she emerged in the process. The two of them kept me company while I ate lunch (Bag joined me in my feast, too), checked emails, and read. They somehow got me to play with them, too. She likes to play with the plastic bag and catch the water bottle cap, then carry it back in her mouth and drop it in the bag. Endless hours of play!

Apparently that wore them out because they retired to the closet around 5-ish, which is OK because we were on our way out for the evening. I like knowing that they are napping while we are out; makes me believe that we aren't missing out on their energy.

When we got home, they both came out of the closet and greeted us in the hallway. I have no idea if they were already out of the closet or just heard us, but it was the best welcoming site, ever! We played with both, fed Bag his dinner, and although we are shutting down for the night, Noodle is still active while her brother stands guard in the hallway.

Unfortunately their toys did not arrive today, as estimated. I am hoping tomorrow! I think I might be more anxious and excited than they will be. And I hope tomorrow will be another good poopy day.

At the time of this blog, she is in the litterbox and Dave is on his way to check on her. We talked about installing a motion detected camera so we know when she visited the litterbox when we aren't around. He joked about sticking a thermometer in the poop itself to get a time estimate. I think not.

As it turned out, she pee'd and pooped and according to Dave, the poop fell off nicely into the litterbox. She should be set for the night. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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