Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Home alone ... again!

It is really difficult to leave the babies home alone, especially for a full work day. (Who invented work, anyway?!) Noodle was off and on sleeping and hanging out with us last night, while her brother Bag slept through the night. Somehow I woke at 414 and couldn't go back to sleep because I would miss her cuteness.

At 7, she decided to do her poop deed for me. She tolerated the butt wipe, even purring at one point but really not liking it. I need to figure out another system for her. Her poopy was hard enough to drop and not stick to her (lest she fall in it) but still deserving of a wipe. Bag decided he needed to pee afterwards, so I thought their bathroom adventures were done. But Bag figured he needed to poop too, so he got his bottom wiped as well (good thing, too). I can't believe I let him walk around the house like that. It must be uncomfortable to have a dirty butt.

She ended up under the couch again, off and on. But did come out to check out the hallway closet, which of course, delayed me leaving for work. But that's OK. Bag seemed in need of attention, even hovering by the garage door when I left. I hope the two will play today and wear each other out so they get in a good nap.

Dave came home before I did and Noodle was still under the couch. He retrieved her and it seems that although she seems to resist every time, she ends up purring and sitting with us for awhile. Tonite Bag chased her around some but she didn't seem into playing. Perhaps she needs her 4hr+ nap and then she'll be wired tonight. She is again, now under the other couch. Pretty soon she'll run out of hiding spots in this tiny place.

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