Sunday, December 7, 2008

a busy Sunday

Both Noodle and her brother Bag had a busy Sunday today. Right off the bat, fresh from a bathroom trip and a good night's sleep, she and her bro had to sit through our annual photo-taking session. While we want the whole family in the photo, we also don't want to make this too traumatic for them so we've always taken them here at the house. This year is our first year at our new place, so we all gathered in front of the fireplace. Our girlfriend AMJ came by to play photographer. All of you pet lovers know how hard it is to get a photo just right of EVERYONE, so we ended up with the best we could snap.

Afterwards, Noodle had had enough of being social, so she went to her hangout under the couch where she stayed off and on all afternoon and evening. She emerged now and then to play with her bro, give all of us cat baths, and eat. We had tried for a couple of days now, but she finally slept and hung out in her new day bed. Her brother got his today too and he's been in his ALL evening!

Later, she woke up and immediately climbed her kitty stairs to get up to the couch where we were, and has been sitting with us for at least an hour now. We are so grateful! This is what we've been hoping for. I'm not sure she'll be as social tomorrow, but we will enjoy it while we can.

We are so proud of the two of them, for having come this far in two weeks. They seem to play OK with each other, but also leave each other alone OK, too. There has been very little hissing and no growling. At times, they just do their own thing and at other times they are only focused on each other. We just love our babies!

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