Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No Surprises

Noodle was in classic form last night. She went to bed with us and poop'd around 10. I was hoping she'd sleep through the night but I woke just before 2 to the longest facial I have gotten from her so far. Several times I tried to get her not to bathe my eye or put her claws on my face. Although she stopped for a few seconds, she just found another part of my face to bathe. Sigh.

They were both awake when Dave got up for work and while Bag went to pee, she waited for him then they played. At around 730, she decided to poop, followed by her brother, so both of them got their butts wiped. It's pretty cute when she meows during her butt wiping because he'll come over and meow with her, as if in sympathy.

Then they kept me company throughout the morning as I got ready for work, and I was certainly bummed to have left them at home.

They did well all day - no activity in the litterbox. She was under the couch when Dave got home, and he gave her the closet where she hung out until I arrived home. We played for some time, and she even hung out in front of the bathroom while Bag sneaked his dinner. They played a bit but she hissed at him at one point, but not in a bad way.

He is now in the kitchen resting, and she is somewhere in the bedroom with her daddy. It's hard spending time with the both of them when they are in separate rooms. She seems not to like hanging out on the couch, although earlier on, she did. Maybe she realizes the bed is bigger and more comfortable for her. Who knows what cats really think?

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nancy said...

Kim, I am thinking you need to try a nasty tasting lotion on your face - or even some lemon juice, or touches of Bitter Apple. While it is sweet that Noodle loves you and loves to groom you, you do deserve a solid night's sleep AND a cat tongue free face! You could have the nasty stuff at hand, apply a little when she goes to lick you - just a training. Yes, I know, you and Dave are such pushovers for your kids, you probably won't :) - but if it were me, I would! Get her used to cuddling for affection instead :)

You guys are just fantastic, and again and again I say thank you for all you are giving this girl. To think of the life she had before she came to you - this is enough to bring tears to my eyes.

Take care - Nancy