Thursday, December 11, 2008

full of surprises!

Just when I thought Noodle was settling into a routine, she manages to surprise us again. She used to sleep through the night, or most of it, but lately has been napping in the middle of the night, then romps around in bed. Sometimes I'll turn around and there she is ... staring at me. And this morning, she was bathing my face, so how can anyone sleep through that??

And of course, she had a bout of soft poop again. She had been doing fine, and in fact had a hard poop just minutes before. But then romped around and ran back into the litterbox. Fortunately, we were both home today so into the bathroom we went. The poor thing got her butt wiped then bathed. We petted her afterwards to let her know she didn't do anything wrong, but she is back under the couch. She had been hanging out on the window and on the bed all day yesterday.

It was kinda cute in the bathroom. Bag joined us, and meowed for her. Perhaps he was sensing her pain?

Today the plan is to get her butt shaved so I'm sure she'll enjoy that! It's a full day of excitement for little Noodle.

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