Monday, December 22, 2008

Momma's Snow Day

Momma worked from home again with her babies today. Nothing too exciting happened, though. Noodle and Bag are really cute when they tag team on the morning pee and poop. Noodle pooped twice, once this morning and then around the lunch time. She now knows that I'm sitting there waiting to check and wipe her butt, so she sits on the lower shelf and waits me out. That's alright when I'm at home but on days when I have to head out, it's no game! It's hard to tell if she pee'd or pooped because she does it behind the curtain for privacy, and if I went and checked the litterbox, she'll undoubtedly take off.

This morning, she had a poop bit stuck to her butt. I didn't see it, but sure felt it with the cat wipe. Yuck!

She spent her usual time in the bedroom closet but did come out once or twice on her own, or with my "assistance". She and Bag romped quite a bit, and I must say, she instigated most of the wrestling.

She also clawed my thigh when grabbing for my drawstring and later on, I just gave her my bathrobe strap. Bag slept off and on (when he wasn't getting pounced on) and later went out on the deck. Maybe someday she will be comfortable to head out there, too.

When Dave got home, she was in the closet but he brought her out, cuddled with her, and although she got off the couch, she was hanging out in the living room next to her ball toy and feather boa. Whoops - she just ran back into the bedroom because he came in from the garage. Although she is used to many sounds of the house, she isn't used to people coming and going. Hopefully in time, though. It's something we can not do!

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