Monday, December 1, 2008

Our full first day home alone!

Noodle and Bag slept with us most of last night (yeah!) but got in their romping before I headed to work. As far as we knew, Noodle had not poopy. We had earlier installed a baby monitor to try and listen. We heard her at 530 in the litterbox in the bathroom, so I kicked Dave to go check (he had to get up early anyway). She didn't have to go pee or poopy at all, just playing.

After he left, they started getting feisty with each other. And for the first time that we could tell, they were actually making contact in their play (at least we hope it's play). They were cuddling and wrestling and rolling around. They took turns chasing and teasing. It was darling. I was just sorry I had to get up and head to work and miss this.

Since we had not seen her poopy, we weren't sure if we should give her run of the house or put her in the bathroom. We decided that we'd let her decide - if, by the time I had to leave, she voluntarily went into her condo in the bathroom, then we'd keep her there. But if she was still somewhere in the house, then we would take a chance. We agreed that if there were poopy accidents, that we would both agree to scrub and clean even if it took us all night. It just breaks our heart to keep her in the bathroom (when we are trying to move her out of there).

Noodle decided that she'd rather have run of the house (she was smackdab in the middle of the bed), so I checked the litterbox and found some poop but couldn't tell if it was hers or Bag. But it was time to head to work. This was the first day that she'd be alone for a full workday with her brother.

Dave checked on her at lunch, and found little poop that, again could be hers but we weren't sure. There was no accident - yeah! And she was in her condo in the bathroom while Bag was in bed.

I arrived home just before 6pm and she was under the couch. She hung out under there for most of tonite ... maybe this is her new hiding spot. Anyway, she eventually came out when I was playing with the flashlight. She let me pet her for awhile, then helped me refill the food bowl. She ate some then headed to the litterbox! With trash can, flashlight, and wet wipes in tow, Bag and I waited. And what did we see??

We watched her poop - finally! It wasn't the hardest poop but it was hard enough to fall. Of course, had she fallen in on her bottom, that would have been a fun mess to clean up. The poor thing was struggling on her paw.

She got a good wipe and went on her way. Her brother came in to pee after I cleaned up, and on his way out, she popped around the corner and tapped him on the head. He didn't hiss or growl, but simply looked startled and walked away. I, on the other hand, had to crack up.

Off and on tonight, she was under the couch, then Dave retrieved her to hang out with us on the couch. She emerged on her own later to watch me play mouse with Bag. She's now eating ... wonder if she's going to try for another litterbox round? If so, now is better than when we're sleeping!

Finally! I am so glad to see that she is pooping (hard) again. Today was quite the day of progress.

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