Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Full Day with Momma

It was another work-at-home day today. Fortunately, I had work and the babies to keep me busy. Not skipping a beat, Noodle gave me three facials on my nose just before wake up, but that was after peeing (for Dave) and pooping (for me). Her brother pooped with her in sympathy and got his butt wiped, too, from which he walked away but then got chased by me.

After romping around some, she settled into the closet while I got some work done. Bag kept me company in the living room most of the time, if he isn't asking for food or sitting on the deck.

Around 1 or 2pm, I randomly saw Noodle in front of the bathroom door. She must have gotten something to eat or drink. But then she came out to the living room and played with us for all of the afternoon. She settled down some but was back at it, with her brother or the feather boa or the ball chaser toy.

This evening though, she settled down under the couch but she wasn't too far in so I'll take what I can get. She was bathing Dave's finger while sitting on the couch but is now next to Bag on the ground romping with her toy mouse. We'll see what tonite brings.

We did witness some playtime which we would like to share..very kewt...


nancy said...

Kim and Dave - how fun!!! I was able to watch the video - with my dial up that is not always possible. They look SO happy together - I am so glad Noodle finally has a friend to play with! thanks for sharing - stay warm, n

Kim said...

luckily, the babies are in their winter coat for this weather! stay safe and warm out there!