Saturday, December 20, 2008

4 weeks!!!

Well, it's official! Noodle has been part of our family for 4 weeks now, as of 2pm this Sat afternoon. Obviously, it has been the most wonderful, fun-filled, anxiety-ridden, patience-testing, house-accomodating four weeks ever. Both babies have done remarkably well, getting used to each other, to us, and to compromises. It seems clear to us that they get along pretty nicely, but also know when to leave each other alone.

For the trauma that Noodle has endured, she sure has trusted us quickly, what with the facials (although none last night), the purring (she is always wanting them scratches!), and the constant cuddling. I hope she's getting used to the frequent butt wipes though her meowing is part of the program.

She was social half the day today. They both slept in the bed until about 1045am but then as we were doing things around the house (Dave started packing for his trip), she found her way into the closet again. This time though, Bag took her spot and Dave had removed the suitcase for his trip, so her space had been changed somewhat. We are trying to coax her out of the closet and into the hallway closet instead. But I guess it's not as cozy. But we have better access to her if she's in the closet versus under the couch.

She got some of her claws clipped and her butt clipped so with all of that activity, she is now under the couch. I am still hoping some day she will be comfortable enough to hang out in the open. Well, only time will tell. Let's see what the next four weeks will bring.

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