Sunday, December 28, 2008

Three Times the Charm + One

Since our last blog, Noodle has surprised us with three poopies so far this morning - around 645, 830, and again at 10-ish. Although all three were hard poopy (and combined it would have been one good poopy), they didn't fall immediately from her butt as we would have liked. We are just slightly concerned that this is going to be the trend especially with both of us at work, but in defense of Noodle, she did eat alot since the last blog. Starting yesterday, they've been eating a combo of Innova Evo and Wellness, and although I tried to see which they favored, I really couldn't tell. At least the poop is hard, but would be better and cleaner if they fell immediately rather than her carrying them around the house! I'm sure she doesn't intend to do that.

Her brother Bag got his usual breakfast and lunch (Momma sneaking in the wet food for him) and occasionally napped in the living room with us. They both have been in and out of the closet off and on, and at one point, Noodle was in bed than ran over to me to help me read the paper in the hallway.

As I type this, she made her way into the litterbox. Let's hope it's only to pee. (Oh wait, Dave just said she is doing both. That's 4 poopies!) We'll be making a spreadsheet of her poop to find some sort of pattern as to which food (combo) works best for her. Although most of this is physiological and has to do with the trauma to her rear end (which we suspect) and in which case we cannot do anything about ... at the very least, we can help her eat foods that will produce hard poopy but that will fall easily. Such is our lives, but it's a good one!

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