Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mini Marshmallows!

We gave Noodle another cozy and dark hiding spot - our bedroom closet.

It was only a matter of time until she sneaked her way in there - she sure is quick when she wants to be! So rather than fighting it, we thought it was a more comfortable spot than under the couch. So she spent a good portion of last evening there, but when Dave went to check on her after 9, she had made her way to the bed. How darling!

She stayed in bed with us all night, although I don't think I got more than a couple of hours of sleep. When she was awake, so was I. Hard to sleep through the two "facials" she gave (including right on my eye) and considering that she laid on and took my pillow ... ! At one point she stretched herself so she'd be as long as the pillow. How can I take that away from her, although I will have to be careful because she might have a penchant for pulling my hair now. We played chase the fingers under the sheet while both Daddy and brother slept.

Bag used the litterbox around 3am and a couple of hours later, it was Noodle's turn (which meant Dave got to get up). She did good though she had a "mini marshallow" poop stuck to her butt that came off easily when he wiped her. Now, that will be the image I'll have when I see mini marshmallows.

Throughout the morning, both brother and sister played together, ate, rested, and bit their Dad's feet and fingers. Bag had his morning breakfast (the wet stuff that she unfortunately, can't have). She is now in the closet tucked underneath my clothes and Bag is wandering around wondering what his dad is up to - too much movement going on! Maybe I'll go let him out on the deck ...

We have one more day at home with them, then it's back to work - too bad we can't make a living out of watching them.


nancy said...

Mini marshmallows! funny lady...

Kim, when you and Dave figure out how to make a living staying home adoring the babies, do let me know... :) I got to stay home today, the creatures all loved it.

And I think I got suckered into taking a 15 year old dog into my home! The 80 year old woman lost her home, needs to find places for 8 cats and 1 dog, and was planning to take them to the vet to be euthanized if no homes were found. I admire her for not sending them to the shelter, because old animals are not given a chance there - and I thought, the least I could do is take this old dog, give her a few months, maybe a year of life here, and make it so the woman does not have to kill her child. Isn't it a hard world, when 80 year old people are forced into those choices? Well, we all do what we can, one at a time.

thanks for all your fun posts, hearing the happy stories is so important to keep us all going, knowing that there ARE happy endings!

bye for now, n

Kim said...

Congrats on the dog, Nancy! They are hard to say no to.