Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What Progress!

Well, in just about a week and a half, little Noodle has made such significant progress in her new home. She has accepted and plays with Bag (can defend herself successfully), survived a soft poop incident and is successfully back to hard-pooping, eats and drinks water and poopies and pees regularly, learned to use the stairs to get up and down on the couches and bed, sleeps with us most of the night, and is becoming more social around the clock. I think it's safe to say she is becoming comfortable in her own skin here ... after all, it is HER home.

She and Bag got another scratching lounge tonite, although it is becoming evident that they each need their own. I guess it's back to the pet store tomorrow. Our house is now being filled with cat toys everywhere, which is absolutely wonderful.

It is too wonderful to watch the two of them romp around. I don't know how if they are being too rough on each other, but neither one shows hesitation or fear, really. They keep coming back for more.

Although she was under the couch when I came home and for several episodes afterwards, she is now on the other couch, just hanging out. I think I better close this blog and go do some petting!

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nancy said...

Kim and Dave, this is SO fun! I love that Bag is playing with her -in her last home, the other cat didn't want to play, and the people worried Noodle wasn't getting enough attention. Sounds like that is not a problem here :)!!
I too have a house filled with cat stuff - my thing is cat scratching poles/trees, I think I have 8 now... :)
see you soon, thanks for all you are doing for this baby! Nancy