Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Noodle & Bag!

What a wonderful first Christmas with the two babies! They have kept us entertained since yesterday's blog. Noodle had a poop stuck to her butt that, when I tried to pull off and clean her butt, she wasn't thrilled with and told me so. She and brother took turns sleeping in different areas of the bedroom closet, and we just decided that well, they were both comfortable in there, so why fight it? We nixed the hallway closet idea and made the bedroom closet more comfortable for them (and as clean as possible for us if there was an accident).

She slept with us last night again, though I think more on Dave's side because it's closer to the window. This morning, Bag joined us on his usual side (mine) so we had both babies in bed to wake up to.

Without fail, at 707am, Noodle peed and pooped, and Bag peed (but he pooped and got his butt wiped this afternoon). They hung out with us all morning, even getting their catnip cigar presents. Noodle however, seemed pretty mesmerized with the outside world, watching from the bed, then window, then back in bed. She was also adamant about getting that darn laser pointer! They wrestled around, chased each other, and only settled into the closet for their 10-hr + nap about an hour ago.

This is definitely a memorable Christmas with the two of them. We're looking forward to many more.

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