Friday, December 26, 2008

Post-Christmas with the Babies

I got to have a nice and relaxing post-Christmas Day with the babies today. Noodle is training me to hang out in bed with her for as long as she deems it necessary. She and her brother pee'd last night and early this morning before Dave left for work but no poopie. That has me a little concerned since she is usually regular around the 7-8am timeframe.

But other than that, she has been very active this morning and I'm not sure I'm seeing signs of her letting up. She has given me facials, hunted her brother in the closet, was mesmerized by the melting snow outside (from both the bed and the windowsill), played with her milk rings and catnip cigar, gnawed my fingers, and eye'd my hair. When she wasn't active, she was napping and even laid close enough for some petting and purring.

I love that she isn't in hiding, and while I would love to live this life, come next week, it's back to the office so I wonder how she'll be when there aren't any humans around. She's such a ball of energy and cuteness, if only I could take her to work with me, though I can see how trying that would be. Bag would be more amenable to that idea, I think.

Their toys are supposed to arrive tomorrow - I hope so, what with this weather and the delivery delays people are experiencing. We're excited for more antics.

When Dave came home and cuddled with the babies, Bag did a surprising thing. He started licking Dave's hand! He had never done that before. He would bite, playfully of course, but not lick. Perhaps he learned something from his little sister? If so, how darling is that?

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