Monday, December 15, 2008

Home Alone, Again!

Well, after four glorious days off with the babies, it was time to return to work. Noodle slept the majority of the night with us ... I would say about 4-5 hrs, which is the longest I've slept at one time since she's been with us. She slept on her own pillow, although this morning, I did get a swipe to my left eye and another facial, all in good play when she decided the "walk the pillows".

Last night around 11, she pooped before bed, so that was reassuring. And it was a good poop, too. So she was good throughout the night. Instead of pooping this morning, she romped around with her brother, and there was a particular incident where they romped for a bit too long for one of their liking because one of them hissed a pretty good hiss. I got there too late to figure out which one but it was clear that they needed a break.

Eventually I had to get to work, and as she didn't poopy when I left, I was pretty anxious all day. I was pretty nervous returning home but alas, all was well! I did my checks throughout the house and could not find any traces. There was nothing in the litterbox and her butt was clean (as clean as a cat's butt gets). She was under the couch but it didn't take her long to come out. We played a little but she made it into the bedroom and soon, back into the closet. I figured that she was alot more accessible in the closet than under the couch. Though we want to, it's probably not a good idea to give her the closet unsupervised - last thing we need is unseen poop on our clothes and suitcases!

Bag got to eat his dinner in the meantime, and the three of us spent time in the closet or on the bed resting. She just got done playing paws under the door with her brother and then ran to the bathroom. I've been trying to get her used to her wall cat scratching post by running it against her but she is taking more to the catnip on it.

They just finished chasing each other and she is now resting in his day bed in the living room but eyeing him at the same time.

BTW, she has been with us for 3 weeks now - what an interesting, most wonderful, life-changing 3 weeks. We are looking forward to the next 14-15 years with her and Bag! Hopefully in time she will become less skittish, more used to the sounds of life, and be more comfortable hanging out in the living room rather than the closet or under the couch but we will let her tell us when that will be. We are just happy she's here.

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Dave said...

It has been a wonderful 3 weeks. Noodle has really been finding herself lately and being more outgoing. It is a ton of fun to see her interact with her brother. Kim and I were definitely holding our breath the first week hoping these two would get along. While they are not best friends yet we catch them kissing noses quite often. Also they play wrestle usually with no sound effects, and you can tell it is a gentle version...especially by TeaBag. He seems almost protective of his little sister. These two will have a long future together...