Friday, December 5, 2008

Settling into her routine?

Noodle has been getting slightly predictable ... as predictable as a cat in her situation can be. She seems to poop early in the morning before I leave for work, and then in the evening when we're both home (which means it's Dave's turn!). I'm not sure she poops while we're gone because we haven't seen signs of that, but I guess it's good that we're around when does. She also seems to pee almost at the same time.

And then there's the I'm-hanging-out-underneath-the-couch syndrome and coming-out-when-I-want-to. But tonite ... lo and behold, she emerged on her own around 530 and has hung out with us all night so far. She and Bag didn't play much tonite (at least not yet).

As for the playing, she and Bag go in spurts. They do their own thing as much as they get into playing. Seems that they gather energy and strength overnight, and then it's off to the circus in the mornings. Perhaps they sleep all day while we're at work, but later tonite, I'm sure they'll be at it.

They have been great bed buddies, though. It's so wonderful that she has adapted to sleeping with the 3 of us so well, even though she sleeps less than all of us. She wakes us up with her cat bathes and romps, but she is better to wake up to than the alarm clock, for sure.

She seems to have let go of the bathroom fine. She is hardly in there now and drinks and eats in the main area. It's Bag who drinks and eats in the bathroom! Maybe we have to wean HIM off!

We are extremely pleased with her amazing progress in less than 2 weeks. She is so feisty, it's amazing. We are so glad that they have each other to keep them company. They are darling together - we can't get enough of them!

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Dave said...

So now that Noodle realizes that within her kingdom there is a futon we are hoping it will be routine for her to sit with us in the evening. It is great that she is hanging out with us, and shows her comfort level in her new home is improving. She certainly has quite a bit of catitude for her size. Very cute...