Monday, July 6, 2009

Busy, Busy!

So my human servants took today off, which was GREAT for me and the big bro. Although this morning, they were up way early and in and out of the house tons of times that it just confused me. It also made me think that they didn't like hanging out with us kewt cats. But how could that be?

Luckily for them, I left them a nice surprise in the litter room and on my little behind. So on one of their return trips home, the male human servant, aka Daddy, tended to my behind but then whoops - my plan backfired. They both stuck my little bottom in the sink (AGAIN - didn't we just go through this?). Humpt! I didn't care for that, so I decided it was time for my alone time, although I couldn't help but give them THIS look.

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