Monday, July 6, 2009

Bag Surprise!

I forgot to mention that on Saturday, which was the Fourth of July, the humans put me in some sort of 4 wheel contraption and took me places. In between my constant conversations with them in which I loudly told them what I thought of this drive, I got to see things go by.

Also, it was rude of them to let me wear my fur coat on a blazing hot day! My cute lil tongue was panting, which I think concerned Momma. They offered me water but I turned it away, which I knew puzzled them. Hahaha!

When they were getting lunch, I left them two VERY fragrant-y gifts in the litter box. THAT will show them what I think of this trip! I was glad to come home and do what I do best - relax on the deck!

Happy Fourth, Mom and Dad, from your loving son, Baggie!

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