Monday, June 22, 2009

I'll Show Them!

So my parents think they can annoy me with this red dot, huh? Not only did I have soft poop from all of that excitement Sat night, I did it TWICE! Take that! But then, them humans stuck my lil butt in water and did what they called "bathing my butt". How rude!

So just for that, I didn't poop AT ALL yesterday, which drove the Momma human crazy! (That was my Father's Day present.) But since they feed me and apparently show me some love, I decided to poop a pretty good one this Monday morning. But I don't know why, she had to wipe my little butt again! I wrestled with her and told her I didn't care for it. So between my brother's poop and mind, we did a real good job stinking up the house! But what do we care, we aren't the ones cleaning it up! Happy Monday, Mom and Dad!

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