Sunday, June 28, 2009

Glorious, Oh Glorious!

What a wonderful weekend! It was absolutely sunny (think Raybans would have helped) and just perfect for decking. In fact, what's a cat to do but deck around for at least 6 hours straight yesterday, and another 4 hours today?? And, to top it off, dinner was enjoyed out on the deck, too, courtesy of them humans. NOW WE'RE LIVIN! Let's hope this never ends!

Although one not so great thing was that the bigger feline went to see Doc Miller yesterday for his scab. Apparently, somehow it had fallen off (or was it eaten ... ? yuck!) sometime Friday afternoon, so the humans weren't sure if they should take him in. Nevertheless, to be safe, Baggie went but was NOT pleased, especially how that he has to endure pills for his infection twice a day. I'm sure the sister is thinking, Thank Gawd that's not me!

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