Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Eye!

Momma and Daddy took me to see Doc Miller and team the other day. I guess they were worried about my eyes. The visit wasn't so bad, because my eye is better. I got lots of cuddles from Daddy. And everyone thought I was cute!

I got to see flashing lights and things whizzing by. I was so focused, I didn't talk very much, just watching life go by. So this is what it's like to be outside the walls and doors. But I was so wide awake when I got home, I stayed up all night with my bro, telling him about it through wrestling matches and chases. That tired me out this morning, so I spent all day today resting my little body and eye.


Puddin said...

Aww poor baby. I wonder what was wrong with your eye. I'm so glad you're feeling better though. You look so sweet and peaceful in your pic. Keep on resting and continue to feel much much better!

XOXO Puddin

Harry Spotter said...

Awe.. you are so cute. It's nice to meet you. I am Harry Spotter. I was blog surfing and came upon yours. I hope we can be friends. I hope you feel soon.

Bag-n-Noodle said...

Thank you Puddin and Harry Spotter, for your kind words and thoughts! Woe is us, poor little kitties. I Thank goodness for our human beans to tend to our needs. I will continue to keep mine on their toes.