Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Dentist - yuck!

So Momma and Daddy decided that my breath wasn't to their liking, so last week, they took me to get my teeth cleaned. Well, I must tell you, it was quite the experience. Not only did I get my teeth cleaned, but some blood drawn so Doc could run some other tests on me. WooHoo! You can imagine I was excited.

I was a bit groggy throughout the day, and was very happy to come home. I kept seeing stars in my happy place!


The Island Cats said...

Having your teefs cleaned is not fun! We bet you are happy that's over with!!

Tuck said...

Teeth cleaning??? Uhhh, I better watch out. Jen keeps telling me that my breath smells like the inside of a tuna can (which in my opinion, sounds delicious!)